About Sibehaven and me
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My dogs are considered my children and are my family. I have been raising husky's for 16+ yrs and I dedicate alot of time with my kids. I concentrate on the breeding to produce nice QUALITY pets, rather than on mass production (several intact females). It shows in my enviroment, the condition of my dogs and the looks of the pups. I am also one of the very few people who actually keep all retired adults. Just because they are no longer able to produce, means nothing to me...they still have a place and its where they have been raised and lived their whole life.

I do not believe in having a mass amount of dogs or multiple breeds to create quanity or volume- (puppy mill). Puppy mills do not control their breeding which often leads to unhealthy pups, faults and aggressive behavior. I believe in breeding for quality, temperment & disposition, which means nice or champion bloodlines (within 3-4 generations) and selective breeding-I only put adults together who will compliment each other and create less chance of faults. Please help to keep puppy mills out of business by not purchasing from them. One indicator is the amount of producing that is being done (litter on top of litter with no or very little time between) and the condition and looks of the dogs. The dogs should be within or very close to the breed standard.

All my adults are AKC registered & pedigreed. AKC is the the largest registry and also is one of the most strictest in their guidelines for breeding. If you are unfamiliar with the breed, please investigate and educate yourself before purchasing, they are not for everyone or for the average person. I do not sale my pups for breeding and do my best to keep them, their offspring and so on down the line from ending up in puppy mills or in the hands of unethical, uneducated, or backyard breeders. In order to do my part as a responsible breeder, my pups are required to be spayed/neutered. Please help to control the growing and out of hand stray and unwanted pet population by spaying/neutering your pet, if you purchase somewhere else. This breed is not for everyone, so please investigate BEFORE purchasing.
Located by Kansas City Missouri area (approx 15 miles north of Smithville).
Ship anywhere in the continental United States ONLY. (see shipping page). DO NOT SHIP OVERSEAS OR CANADA